Potomac Valley Academy Daycare & Preschool

Our Classroom Programs

At PVADP, the love for learning starts at the beginning. 

Infants tap their natural curiosity and begin to learn through play and investigation. Our infant education program draws from current research that supports the idea that young children need experiences and interaction to learn and grow. Our classroom is specifically designed for an infant. It offers secure open spaces so babies can strengthen their muscles and they can explore the toys and objects that interest them. To ensure that everyone stays safe and clean, the room is also divided into separate areas for sleeping, eating, and changing diapers.


6 weeks to 12 months


12 months to 2 years

Toddlers need plenty of time for playing and interacting with others. Our qualified teachers provide challenges that are not too hard or too easy. Or toddler education program focuses on the four major areas of child development:
• Physical development- Toddlers love to move-climbing, jumping, dancing!
• Social emotional- Teachers model behaviors like sharing and apologizing.
• Cognitive skills- Our classroom is set up, so toddlers learn how to solve problems by sorting objects, doing puzzles, taking things apart and fitting them back together, and so much more!
• Language development- Teachers spend a lot of time talking to children. They read books and use songs and finger plays!

Children in this classroom are introduced to letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. Lesson plans include language development, learning the alphabet, recognizing numbers, and learning to count. Learning centers use blocks, puzzles, creative art, and books. At this stage, children are becoming more independent, and our teachers promote practicing life skills like hand washing, picking up toys and sharing with friends.


2 years to 3 years

In our Three Years Old Preschool Class children are introduced to cognitive skills and practice making decisions. Science and discovery activities stimulate curiosity as the children learn valuable lessons about themselves and the world around them. Art and music activities encourage individual expression. Lesson plans include music and movement, creative art, story time, and writing. We will introduce Handwriting without Tears, a program that works with a child's natural developmental abilities and teaches them in ways they will connect with.


3 years to 4 years (Must be 3 years by 8/31)

Our Kindergarten Prep Class promotes cooperative play to learn problem solving through lesson plans that teach the children to use independent reasoning and develop manners and social skills. Our teachers introduce the structure of a classroom setting and concentrate on early reading and math skills. Language lessons include story time followed by content questions. Phonics and writing are stressed. In math, adding and subtracting are introduced along with graphing, grouping, sorting and comparisons. In Science and Discovery, they will learn about animals, water concepts the weather, the five senses and much more! Social studies teach the children about their community and different cultures.


4 years to 5 years (Must be 4 years by 8/31)